ADLERIAN SUMMER SCHOOL UK 2023, *Roots and Wings*

The Adlerian Summer School 2023 at Stowe School was an inspiring week of personal and professional development. Participants engaged in workshops, plenaries, and discussions, deepening their understanding of Adlerian theory and its practical applications. For laypeople, this meant gaining insights into how to approach various life challenges and situations from an Adlerian perspective, promoting healthier relationships, enhanced self-awareness, and effective problem-solving skills. Experiential activities and role-plays further solidified our understanding of Adlerian principles. The immersive learning experience empowered individuals to apply their knowledge and support others in their personal growth journey.

Feedback from participants

The venue

  • mind-blowing venue;
  • exceptional accomodation;
  • the housekeeping was superb and always cheerful;
  • awesome dining areas;
  • a variety of food options, including fruits;
  • single occupancy rooms.

The workshops

  • brilliant facilitators, subjects, and knowledge;
  • incredibly professional and helpful facilitators;
  • I gained insights into my strengths and how to use them effectively;
  • I enjoyed the activities and discussions with other participants;
  • organisation of the whole summer school.

Evening programmes & nature

  • best Summer School ever; 
  • full week of learning and friendship;
  • belonging and the community feeling;
  • free time to explore;
  • laughter;
  • music& dance;
  • walks in nature and stunning grounds.