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SAVE THE DATE! * Adlerian Summer School 2023 * 14th - 20th of August @ Felden Lodge * We look forward to seeing you! Adlerian Summer School 2022 * Our Theme NEW HORIZONS * We are also Celebrating our 30th Anniversary * BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED

Please arrive between 4.00pm and 6.30pm on Saturday 6th August and depart after breakfast Friday 12th August

The Summer School is based on the philosophy of Individual Psychology developed by Alfred Adler, which is remarkable for its combination of holistic thinking, common sense, optimism and true sense of community. Very topical for today’s world.

It will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about this approach or develop their existing skills. No prior knowledge is necessary. Full attendance offers up to 35 hours towards continuing professional development or for your personal development hours.


The varied workshops are mostly experiential, participants usually find that a therapeutic process unfolds overlapping throughout the different workshops. Social interest and willingness to contribute are encouraged to generate a safe space enabling exploration and creativity.

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INTRODUCING Galit Nahum Leumi

Biography: - Galit Nahum Leumi received her M.A. in Bibliotherapy from Haifa University.

Galit is a certified psychotherapist and completed training at the Israel Adler Institute in psychotherapy, couple therapy, parent training and group facilitating, as well as in family counseling. Nahum Leumi lectures on parenting and couple-hood and she works in her private practice in Tel Aviv treating individuals and couples, and counseling parents.


Module A - Bibliotherapy My Life Story

Module C - Bibliotherapy My Life Story

Bibliotherapy is one form of expressive art therapy that involves texts. Literature in all its forms offers validation, support, information and guidance. It allows us intuitively to make a bridge in our minds that helps us understand ourselves.

The participants will be asked to bring stories/poems/lyrics from their different life stations and write something they wish to share about themselves according to a chosen topic. In the workshop we will create a dialogue between the texts and give an Adlerian perspective. 

INTRODUCING Marina Bluvshtein

Biography: - Dr. Marina Bluvshtein is a Director of the Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship (CAPS) and a faculty at Adler University, teaching Adlerian classes in Chicago, Vancouver, and online.

Marina is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, providing clinical supervision and consultations. Dr. Bluvshtein is a NASAP Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Individual Psychology, a faculty member at ICASSI, and a President of the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP). She is an author and an editor. Her clinical and research interests are Early Recollections, therapeutic metaphors, women’s voices in psychology, and history of Individual Psychology. She is also interested in cognitive processes in dementing illnesses, cross-lingualism, and role of physics and calculus in understanding Adlerian psychology. When not busy with all the above matters, she likes to travel, and gardening. workshop.


Module A - Is Metamorphosis possible? Therapeutic power of metaphors

Module C - Self-care: Adlerian approach to professional burnout

INTRODUCING Stephen Allsop

Biography: - Stephen Allsop works as a lecturer in counselling at the Adlerian Society of Wales, and Pembrokeshire College. He is also the clinical director of a surgery-based counselling service, and works in private practice. Stephen has interests in performing music, and standup comedy.


Module A - Adler and the Existentialists

We will explore the links between Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology and existential theory, looking at how existentialism can inform the Adlerian counselling process


Module C - Adlerian coaching for well-being

We shall explore Adlerian approaching to coaching individuals and groups with the aim of improving wellbeing.


Biography: - Combining a Fine Art degree with Psychotherapy Unity-joy worked for over 30 years as a Creative Therapist with disabled young adults in particular those suffering head injuries following road accidents.

Unity then moved on to follow a Shamanic Path leading her to facilitating workshops and courses throughout the country as well as Greece and New Zealand. Retiring from the ’hub’ over twelve years ago she has expanded her creative skills to weaving willow and working with bone. Now returning from the Dorset hills walking closer to the earth to facilitate at Summer School once again.


Module C - The Horizontal Line

This experiential workshop is centred in the grounded philosophy of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. This philosophy encourages us to develop balance and flexibility, in our internal world, our relationships and our everyday life. Through a range of experiential exercises including guided meditation, Chakra connection, movement to music and creative play, we will individually and collectively visualize our New Horizon. With a blend of Shamanic and Adlerian wisdom, we can observe our Private Logic and Lifestyle Movement, honour these, and identify the skills we have within to support walking into our New Horizon. 

This workshop will be outside in the healing arms of Mother Nature who supports our nervous system to regulate and enable us to grow. Please wear suitable clothing and bring a cushion or blanket to sit on.

Be prepared for the unexpected!

Also working alongside Unity-Joy,  Camilla Ghazala

INTRODUCING Camilla Ghazala

Biography: - Camilla works for the NHS primary services (3 days a week) with Long Term Condition Clients, developed the Long Term Covid pathway; range of therapies: Integrative Counselling, CBT (wave 3), Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Polyvagal. Moderate-severe presentations/complex providing short term focused developmental processing.

Camilla also has a private practice, since 2000, providing short-, medium-, and long-term therapy for a range of clients presenting with prevention developmental interests as well as offering a range of interventions and therapeutic styles for moderate-severe presentations. Camilla has provided training for process groups, developmental learning for private organisations, GP surgeries and local charities, since 1983. She has worked as a part time lecturer on BA/MA Integrative Counselling course for 15 years and is a tutor on the Adlerian Cert and Diploma Cambridge. Dual accredited: - BACP & BABCP

Wendy Goddard


Sometimes during what can be a quite intense week of experiential learning emotions and anxieties may bubble up and feel rather overwhelming. The workshops are not for individual therapy although they provide a therapeutic space. Thus, this process space is to give you a safe and confidential place to talk through those thoughts and feelings. It is not strictly supervision but I am an experienced and qualified supervisor though now retired.

You can book a slot with me if and when required. The times available will be on the flipchart of the day’s activities.

Wendy Goddard

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