_____________________________________________ NEXT year's Adlerian Summer School 2022 Our Theme ________ New Horizons________ -. . .-- / .... --- .-. .. --.. --- -. ... __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________ The Summer School has been booked at our usual venue, Felden Lodge Conference Centre, and will run from 6th Saturday-12th Friday AUGUST See notes below and Information for delegates when arriving at Felden Lodge.

Please arrive between 4.00pm and 6.30pm on Saturday 6th August and depart after breakfast Friday 12th August

The Summer School is based on the philosophy of Individual Psychology developed by Alfred Adler, which is remarkable for its combination of holistic thinking, common sense, optimism and true sense of community. Very topical for today’s world.

It will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about this approach or develop their existing skills. No prior knowledge is necessary. Full attendance offers up to 35 hours towards continuing professional development or for your personal development hours.


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A photo taken from the park area of Felden Lodge Conference Centre 

The varied workshops are mostly experiential, participants usually find that a therapeutic process unfolds overlapping throughout the different workshops. Social interest and willingness to contribute are encouraged to generate a safe space enabling exploration and creativity.