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Young people are a valued part of the Summer School experience. Sessions for young people will be run during the time of the adult workshops. 
The sessions will be run by two experienced facilitators, and will incorporate Adlerian principles of co-operation and encouragement. There will be games, creative activities, an introduction to Wild Skills, story telling and much more.
Young people will remain at all times the responsibility of the parent or guardian who brings them to Summer School.  
 A small number of bursaries are available. Please apply to Wendy Goddard - - 01202 532266 - for more details.
The young people will generally be split into two groups: 5 - 13 year olds and 13+ - 18 year olds depending on the size of group, age and ability.
Modules A and C  10.45 - 12.45 and 4.30-6.30
Wild Skills
Facilitator- Duncan Stewart
TProfilePictureDuncanhe wild skills program at the Adlerian Summer School aims to provide young attendees with as many skills in camp craft and wild skills as possible to enable them to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities on their own and as part of a group.
 Many activities are covered during the week including: 
  •  fire making and maintaining a healthy fire
  •  food preparation and cooking on a campfire
  •  knife safety and whittling
  •  shelter building 
  •  essential knots and their uses
  •  foraging for food
  •  and many more!
Every person attending the course will have different needs and abilities and these factors are taken into consideration when organising the activities. More experienced individuals will be given the opportunity to assist in the passing on of relevant skills and any special needs are taken into consideration. 
 Module B  2pm - 4pm
Creative Arts
Facilitator: Claire DeShon and Jackie-lyn Rhodes
kitty 14

Did you know that a caterpillar breaks down into tiny cells and becomes liquid during the crysalis stage before re-forming into a butterfly?  

Maybe that is what Summer School is about - not the end for the caterpillar but the beginning for all you butterflies.