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September 2016


summer school tunnel
 A wonderful, moving and poignant Summer School was held again at Felden Lodge. We were joined by many newcomers welcomed by our long standing supporters and enthusiasts. What a truly remarkable community we are, enriching each other's lives and supporting each other through our learning which is often painful but also glorious.

As we drove through the tunnel of trees to our venue little did any of expect what a rich week we would experience and yet what a sad one also.

On Wednesday night we lost a dear friend and colleague Ian, who had a heart attack just as he was going to bed. Many of us were still up and he was supported and surrounded by love and care as he passed away. We grieved for him but also we celebrated what a truly amazing man he was: sightless and yet able to see far more than we could. He was a joy to be with and he expressed the wonder at the world around him and the people he met with  an almost childlike and innocent acceptance of the intrinsic beauty in everything. His final and greatest gift to us was to enable us to share our experiences of him, to grieve in a supportive environment and to celebrate a remarkable man, who will be much missed. The community proved that the Adlerian spirit of social interest is alive and well and thriving and everyone took away with them memories of a most moving and enriching part of this journey through life.

Duncan,our intrepid explorer and hunter gatherer, led a river walk in memory of Ian, pointing out the things that he had shared with Ian, inviting the group to walk in pairs, leading each other as though blind so that they too could experience the world through Ian's eyes.

As ever the stimulating workshops were well received as were the morning and evening presentations. There was a greater emphasis on Individual Psychology this year which enabled participants new to the ideas to gain some insight and those who were familiar to the theory to revisit some interesting perspectives. Adler's Cafe was certainly lively and created some debate. Participants seem to appreciate the Pick and Mix session which enables time out or the opportunity to participate in further learning in a variety of different workshops.

The evening social events were very well attended and as usual great fun. We missed Ron this year but his place in the auction was taken by Bruce and he and Claire provided an evening of entertainment which provided enough money for about 10 bursaries next year. Well done everyone who took part and although you may have left poorer in pocket you are so much richer in spirit.

As usual there was no shortage of music and dancing around the bonfire led by Duncan and a new singing girls group "The Chubbets" accompanied in terrific dance routines by the "Chapettes"!! Both were a huge hit. Beautiful weather meant some stayed up late to see the Perseud shower on Thursday. Every night the bonfire was popular for a time of social bonding and relaxation especially the last gathering on Friday.

The theatre was as ever amusing and and slick so that the workshop groups were able to convey their enjoyment and learning in the workshops in the usual spirit of camaraderie and humour with a little gentle poking fun at the facilitators.

If you were not with us this year you were missed so please come back. If you have not yet been you will receive a great welcome. Please tell your family, friends and colleagues to book their place early because this is the place to be in August.  

See you at Felden Lodge in 2017.

 Wendy, Jill, Keith and Bruce

Summer Schools UK Organising Committee 

Why I Recommend The Adlerian Summer School -  from evaluations 2016


"This is  a warm friendly group of people who are helpful and caring and respect other people’s privacy. It is a place to trust yourself to be yourself in an atmosphere of acceptance"

"Variety, spending time with like - minded people."

"A great way of experiencing some of what we’re trying to achieve as therapists in a really supportive community setting"

"It creates a community that that holds such meaning within. It has really raised emotions with me and in this mindful, socially inclusive and supportive network you find the courage to explore inner conflict whilst finding deep insight from others around you."

"I think this special place is excellent value for money"

"The sense of community"

"It is a spiritual and emotional experience"

"Unique experience in therapeutic setting. CPD in a lovely place with interesting and kind people"

"Fantastic and transforming"

"Well planned, friendly, excellent concentrated, guided, supported learning in a positive atmosphere with process time time-tabled in. A good mix of people and fun"

"It provides a community of people who are inter-supportive but keen to learn. It is like a retreat without religion. It also gives good value for money as the learning is almost 24 hours a day, not just in the workshops."

"A wholesome, invigorating, challenging, enjoyable experience"

"Extremely valuable professionally and in terms of living in a society according to Individual Psychology"

"Kind caring community. Warm, a place to grow. Excellent value for money"

"To grow; to be; to love; to receive; to learn; to give; to laugh"

"Confidence building in a secure environment"

"Shows the real meaning of belonging in a “family”

" A unique experience"

"It is an opportunity to learn about Adlerian Psychology as a lived experience."

"World class facilitators and organisers. It was a place of personal growth. Very well organised. I felt a part of the community. I met so many amazing people with such a well - balanced mind set and attitude"

"It is a place to be. Chilling out with others, reflection, connecting with others and being myself."

"High quality personal development enabling insight and clarification of internal patterns that support my mental health and all round well- being and those that don’t. Empowering me to develop myself and my resilience, courage,  internal and external collaboration."



 A Night at the Camp Fire.




 I am a student of Gestalt Humanistic counselling, level 4 and 5 at Eastleigh College in Hampshire.

The summer school had been recommended by my tutor when I was studying ABC Level 3 in Counselling Skills.  I had been impressed by the empathy, warmth and humanity of Marilyn.  I decided I would take her advice and enrol for the week long summer school.

As part of an assignment, I had eagerly researched the life and work of Alfred Adler and delivered a presentation to my fellow students.  I was thoroughly fascinated by this wonderful man and Individual Psychology.

With two friends from my level 3 course, we travelled to Hemel Hempstead on a gentle, warm, August afternoon.  We were full of excitement and expectation.  The tree-lined approach to Felden Lodge delivered us to the oasis of summer school.  We arrived a little early and were very warmly received and welcomed.  Our rooms were better than expected.  I had a lovely view over the lawns, with trees beyond.  I chose the bed in the bay window and decided to sleep with curtains and windows open to this wonderful view.

After settling, I began to meet fellow attendees.  It was easy to relax and, straight away, I felt I was among friends bound by common interests.  It was an atmosphere of openness and I looked forward to the evening welcome party around the bonfire.  From the ashes of last year's summer school, Duncan lit the fire as we clustered around, feeling the energy of the medicine wheel, seeing the flames rise.  Sunset softened the day, I felt at home beneath the stars, cocooned in an elemental fellowship, in anticipation of a wonderful experience ahead of me.

We were all ages, diverse, some from other countries – a feeling of joy as we immersed ourselves in learning, discovering Adlerian philosophy as well as gaining self knowledge and personal growth.

The workshops were expertly delivered – we were infused with knowledge.  The true spirit of social interest.  I was riveted.  Learning, sharing, laughing, crying, personal growth, joy, hilarity, togetherness, serenity and wisdom.  Our shared meals were lively and enjoyable, each day was exciting and varied.  After the day's sessions, we'd socialise around the bonfire, happy and content.

The community was established.  We had bonded, together in our individual uniqueness. 

The week was magical, sometimes poignant, sometimes challenging, always fascinating.  Saturday morning very quickly arrived.  Time to leave the cocoon, the cradle we had built for ourselves this week.  Packing our bags, gathering our handouts, our last cups of coffee, looking forward to next year when we meet again.  Last few minutes to say goodbye, to say thanks, to feel blessed to have had an unforgettable week and to have gained new friends.  Each of us enriched, nourished and ready to leave our special, Adlerian community, to return to our varied and different separate lives.  A truly special experience.  A truly special community made up of truly special people.

Love and peace, Jo (August 2016)


Carmen  and Dan Tamas 

"In the desire to explore a different type of holiday that combined personal development with having a good time we decided to enrol for our first Adlerian Summer School which proved to be a wonderful choice bringing us the opportunity to connect and reconnect with like-minded people. Attending the workshops we gained insight and new ways of being in relationships experiencing a more meaningful and fulfilling life both personally and professionally.

In a few words, Anabella Shaked's workshop on Adelrian Coaching revealed our priorities and ways to achieve what we desire guided by what we value most.

By attending Wes Wingett workshops on Addictions we dived into the coldest depth of human soul, expanding our awareness on how we are affected directly or indirectly by addictions and learning ways to understand and support self and others in the struggle with addictions.

Adler’s café, well moderated by Jill Reynolds, took place in an encouraging atmosphere where everyone shared and enriched his  or her understanding of Adlerian theory and practice. 

In such a short time we strongly connected with each other and acted like a united community in the face of a life event that we faced midweek in the passing away of a dear and appreciated teacher Ian,. May his soul rest in peace.

As members of the community we proved to be able to contribute and support each others in the good and in the difficult moments we shared. Special moments spent in the company of well-known psychotherapists, counsellors and friends taught us equality, collaboration, generosity and social interest. Many moments full of joy, humour and laughter, like the auction and the theatre,  will be cherished in our hearts. The salt and pepper of the Summer school were the bonfires which we enjoyed every evening in good company of friends and music, thanks to Duncan, Bells and everyone who attended. The beautiful surroundings, Nick's massages and the delicious meals made this experience complete. 

Many thanks to the organising committee Wendy, Jill, Keith and Bruce for making this unique event possible.

It is a life changing experience if we chose to use it so! Thank you all for being there. We’re looking forward to seeing you next year."

Carmen & Dan 2016


"Look to this day for it is life; the very best of life
In it's brief course be all the realities and truth of existence
- the joy of growth - the splendour of action - the glory of power
For yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is only a vision
But today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day."




Ancient Indian Hymn