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 September 2017

What a wonderful experience yet again. It rained all the week but that did little to dampen the spirits of the participants in our community of 57. The only ones really affected by the weather were the young people who spent most of their time puddling around in wellies and macs following their leader, Duncan, in wherever he led. Whether it was manhunt in the woods, constructing shelters, skinning rabbits or learning to fire a rifle they seemed to enjoy every minute. Great survivors of the future!!


The (young at heart) adults enjoyed a variety of workshops brought to us by the dynamic trio of ladies from Spain and Israel. They provided such knowledge and inspiration as well plenty of humour. Even to joining in our final bonfire night with a song and dance from our very own ‘Spice Girls’ ! There were other excellent workshops and presentations provided by the team and regular facilitators.


We are now looking for people who want to provide workshops in the future. We ask that if you have ideas for workshops or you would like to run one then please get in touch with a member of the team.


The following are extracts from our evaluation forms:

What were the highlights of Summer School experience for you?

Connecting with others in a deeper way.

Connecting with myself in a wonderful way.

Experiencing a safe and warm environment.

Joining a group of others to enjoy company, learn and grow

Adler through the looking glass

A life changing experience in a positive way.

Connecting and reconnecting with wonderful people and participating through workshops.

Working with Mia. Fabulous learning space. Information delivered in a professional, accurate and very clear way. Attention to detail and very safe for members in a very small group.

 Excellent morning plenaries.

 Wednesdays evening in all that was an offer. Being, playing and dancing together to lovely music a bonus!

 The 'indoor' campfire night.

 Expert facilitators of the workshops I attended.

 The people and the atmosphere.

 Workshops and music.

 Empathising and caring; supporting family relationship.

 Take early recollection to a new level.

 Being surrounded by wonderful and supportive people.

 Perfectly humans.

 Learning more Adlerian Theory in relation to lifestyle and hearing about strategies and understanding relationship.

 Realising how my current life essence was validated by the Early Recollection which I shared.

The personal and intimate challenge that I began through the coaching tutorials. Breath-taking!

 Courage to be imperfect!

 The community style and ethos, a precious space to be myself and delve deeper.

 Some time-sharing music and dance.

 Good organisation of workshops.

 Kindness of all participants.

 Meeting friends who experience feeling like you have and sharing experience and realising you are not alone.

 Love the fire, singing and the disco!

 Why I would recommend the Summer School.

 Such important stuff across the board.

 Wonderful feeling of community.

 To have an opportunity to find ourselves in a safe homely environment.

 Experience community and human connection.

 I am highly recommending for personal and professional development.

 It is a very positive experience within a sympathetic community.

 People are valued and respected and the learning opportunity is varied.

 Fun in the evenings, accessible venue, friendly and relaxed.

 To learn, to laugh, to be part of something great.

For the unique community atmosphere.

 A safe place to grow.

 Because it offers a quality of environment and experiences that enable participants to feel relaxed, have a feeling belonging, to learn and enjoy.

 Because its action packed & in the company of warm, welcoming people who have a shared purpose interest in sharing their learning.

 Life changing experience.

 Fun, supportive environment.

 Enjoyable, sense of community, self-improvement.

 Fantastic experiences to meet therapist community in the sense that it's non-judgemental, open inclusive.

 For personal development experience and the quality of the facilitators.

 Caters for young and old.

 It is a community in which some of the people might change year on year but ethos remains and people build a sense of connection and belonging.

 Depth of learning and challenge.

 Fellowship with lots of inspirational colleagues.

 Very good experience all around; socially engaging.

 Challenging, kind and friendly approach to counselling work.

 Mix abilities and backgrounds including children.

 Community experience with like mind, organised with real teaching & learning

summer school tunnel



My time at summer school had many varied experiences. I was able to skin a rabbit and then we cooked it. It tasted horrible! I was able to cook bread over the campfire last year but this year because of the rain we made bread in the house where we had our “creative mess” time at the pick and mix slot. It was really good to see my friends again and to be welcomed by the adults. I was able to relax and learn at the same time. We all got to hang out at the fire pit and Duncan sang and played guitar. I had a good laugh most of time, but the rain was a bit much as I was tenting with my mum.   Emily



  My Account of my first visit to the Adlerian Summer Schools UK

I would like to tell you about my experiences in the Adlerian Summer School. My name is Roswitha, I am from Hamburg/Germany and I have worked as an Adlerian Counsellor and Supervisor for 23 years in my own private practice. You can take a look at my website to see what I offer in my practice (

Right from my very first invitation from Bruce  and my early email contact with Wendy  I felt that I would be made welcome.  

The programme offered numerous workshops and they were all led in a very humorous, professional and encouraging way. All parts of the programme supported personal growth for professionals as well as for those who were encountering Adlerian theory for the first time. I gained new perspectives and was able to develop my skills, which I know will further enrich my counselling work.

Right from the beginning, it was noticeable that the philosophy and theory of Alfred Adler was not only taught in workshops and lectures but the “Gemeinschaftsgefühl” was also part of the atmosphere during the whole week. The atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance permeated at all times and meant that everyone encouraged each other and there was a real sense of belonging. The calm environment supported our awareness of our own needs and those of others. The evening sessions were great fun, there was singing and laughter and sometimes, when the weather was good enough, we all enjoyed the special spirit of the bonfire.

As a newcomer at the Adlerian Summer School UK, I am very thankful for all these experiencesIn 2019 we hopefully will meet again at the Adlerian Summer School UK and I am looking forward to seeing my all new friends.